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 Case Study 1201(Mature)

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PostSubject: Case Study 1201(Mature)   Tue Dec 09, 2008 9:01 pm

Summary:Based in the GIBM world, a lone wolf tries to escape the madness... or is he really escaping?

*****This is based in the GIBM(Grunmann Institution for Behavioral Modification) It's at Furaffinity and so are some of my stories that are NOT posted here.*****

Case Study 1201
Denton, Marcus S.

(Through the many pages of experimental data and background reports lies the documented pages of the subject's written words during his "escape". These are his words and experiences.Take in account: this is Marcus Denton, wolf species, a fine dark-furred subject, yellow eyes, less than tall stature. He is the test subject for the GIBM's experiments.)

This written for whoever that finds these pages of printer paper. (GIBM's surveillance cameras are safely hidden in this office in which the subject has acquired the materials to pass on a witness account in order to assist him when his escape fails) My name is Marcus Denton. I probably won't get away completely, but I pray to get these words outside the building. You are my only hope.

It all started when I volunteered for this place, they call it the Grunman Institution for Behavioral Modification. I needed the money. I swear this shit was for some kind of good for society or something. I didn't think it was this...not this. I was desperate after the parents threw me out (Subject's background shows multiple credit card transactions during the time of his living with his guardians before it is reported stolen).

The GIBM took me in and hooked me up to a machine, just like that classic lab experiment shit. It didn't seem like any big deal. This wolf in a suit- I thought he would have worn a lab coat considering the scenery around me- he says a few comforting words that help me relax. I really thought nothing bad was going to happen- I was so stupid.

Then he shows me this black cigarette. He told me it was a marijuana with a few other additions. It was all legal he said. I didn't care; it was weed with an extra buzz, right? After I smoked the whole thing, I was feeling it. That damn soft music kept me zonked out, too.

By then, my head was somewhere else. I can barely remember the lights dimming (At this moment, we suspect, is when the security camera caught noticeable signs of relaxation. The subject's shoulders were slack). I can barely recall the words (Now the subject stares down and ceases writing). (Then, writes again.)

That wolf.. he was doing things with his words. They call it hypnotizing, but it seemed like more than that. It felt like my mind was turned into a net and it was catching all the suggestions and commands that came out of his mouth. Then there were the words that stretched my mind so I could catch and hold more of his suggestions. Keywords. He gave me a bunch. I think I can remember one (The subject slows his writing a little). Trying to remember makes me feel...warm. It... it's getting really...-damn (The subject soon begins rubbing his genitalia and appears disgruntled, but doesn't stop as he writes). I don't want to remember the keywords now. Still, my head... it won't stop trying and it gets hotter the more- it's (the subject is now masturbating with a fully aroused member) the word...it's...Mastur-(the text here is smeared as the subject experiences an orgasm, for data-logging purposes the subject's arousal peaks and causes ejaculation up to two feet by the cameras measurements).

Those... monsters. I can't stop. I have to finish this soon. Jesus, it's not going away. None of it is going away. The words, the heat, they're all getting stronger. My mind feels like it's searching for more of those keywords. I can't believe this. Please, don't dismiss this. They're really doing these things to me, making me write this and fight for my free will while doing the stranger (*a term for stimulation using an alternate grip*). I can feel another. (The subject is unmoving for a few seconds) Describe. No. Now they're making me write my every thought. I didn't know I could write this fast.

Damn, it feels good. I don't know if I can escape... if I want to. There are so many keywords. I'm locked down to this...bliss. My paw has never rubbed me this way. Gods, my lap is covered in pre. Another keyword is coming. I think I am too. I can't stop writing these thoughts. I've never felt my dick throb so strongly. It's like fire in my paw. Man-love.
Not another- Oooh, but I'd love to get my paws on a male right now. My cock looks so good right now. Oh god. (The subject has successfully splattered himself in the face with his own seed.) Mmm, so good. I taste so good. More. I want to taste so many males on my face. Another word! I feel it. Semen-induction.

Ohh... now I remember. I my own cum... it's making me feel- feel good, subdued, it's all I could ask for. I don' have to worry anymore. You don't have to worry about me. I'm fine now. Well,I could still use a nice, hunky male to come in here and fill my muzzle with cock. Oh- doctor. (The doctor in charge of the subject has walked in)

The kind doctor is here, and he's wearing a lab coat now! And wearing nothing else. My cock is hard again!(Note: the subject has become "distracted" by the doctor, but he is still able to carry out his keyword Describe, this is most excellent data).

This is the most delicious thing I've ever had in my mouth. It's warmth is now securely safe and tight in the confines of my lips. This boy's not going anywhere. Neither am I. That's what the doctor reassured me just now.

Grateful. Oh, thank you, doctor. Without you, I don't think my mind would have ever found that keyword. I'm so Grateful. I owe so much to him. I must repay him. I have to give him everything. Yes. He can have me, I am his after all. I belong to this studly wolf. I am everything he desires. And he assures me right now that I am a very good test subject, even as I am drinking down all that hot cum. It slides down so smoothly. He has so much to give, and I am so ready to receive. I feel so full now that my doctor has fed me my protein. Now I have to sink deeper. My cock feels so good. It looks so read and hard. I can't wait to taste myself and become even more controlled by my own cum.


(The subject's physical being finally reached a state of arousal that his body would not longer respond properly. With this, the doctor in charge took the subject away for more processing.)

Analysis: Experiment is a success in uncovering new data.

******I'm offering commissions for whoever wants to have a fursona or furry character put in the GIBM universe as a test subject. The experiments won't be the same because I like originality, lucky for you Wink .... PM for more info you're interested.******

PS-These commissions I offer are NOT free, but they're NOT expensive. So just give me a PM for more info.

MORE STORIES:http://www.yiffstar.com/user/theonehowl

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PostSubject: Re: Case Study 1201(Mature)   Wed Dec 10, 2008 10:16 am

Quite Nice, I'll have to read more stories. ^.^
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PostSubject: Re: Case Study 1201(Mature)   Wed Dec 10, 2008 6:32 pm

Nelix wrote:
Quite Nice, I'll have to read more stories. ^.^
Thanks, I hope you enjoy the rest.
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PostSubject: Re: Case Study 1201(Mature)   

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Case Study 1201(Mature)
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