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 Head Strong, Not Sure(Mature)

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PostSubject: Head Strong, Not Sure(Mature)   Tue Dec 09, 2008 8:57 pm

Avalon is a knight for hire and as it explores the old, deserted castle he finds himself in a situation where he uses his dick for thinking a little too much....

Avalon had his claws wrapped tightly around the hilt of his sword. ‘Should have brought plate armor for this job..." He had been taking his time on the spiraling stairs that he was slowly climbing. The wolf couldn't spare much for this job. It left him with a leather vest and leggings that only stretched a little past his knees. He had white linens over them to provide a little more warmth in the drafty castle.

When Avalon received this assignment, he first had a barrage of excited ideas to get food and maybe even a bed to sleep for the night. The wolf was informed that he needed to check out the far eastern castle and make sure it was clear of mutts. There could be two... maybe six of them up in the top of the castle. He couldn't be sure what to expect.

"I should have brought plate mail," he repeated out loud. His voice sounded strange when it bounced off the stone walls. He was sure to be quiet. This job probably would be hard enough even with the element of surprise. A few more steps and he finally could see the doorway.

He closed his green eyes and took a few breaths. Avalon usually wasn't as nervous as this before a fight, but this job was so mysterious. If it wasn't for the money, he would be wiser to stay out of these kinds of affairs. He most certainly wouldn't be exploring a crumbling ancient castle such as this. It held its air of tension and menace.

Pulling his blade free from his waist, he moved beside the doorway. He took a glimpse inside. It looked like a bedchamber with the little amount of light shining in. The canopy was still standing in its elegant glory, a ray of daylight shining on it from a well-placed window. The sheer was a little torn and dusty, but Avalon had no plans to shack up with a fine female here or even by himself for that matter.

Just when his interest was almost lost on the bed, he turned his head to see the feline woman laying upon it. His face showed surprise, but his mind thought of other things when it came to seeing a feline like this one. Her fur was completely black and was undressed like the day she was born. She was so young looking and yet she rested here in such an old and ancient castle.

Avalon heard stories of times like these. He sheathed his sword, all but one, and knelt at the bed side with a smile. He did the first thing he could think of that fit was appropriate for this time. Taking the feline's paw in his own, he pulled it up to his lips and layed a kiss on it. "Is there anything I can do for, my lady?" he asked humbly. His voice held devotion and faith that said he could do something for this beauty.

The wolf's eyes were closed as he kissed the paw again, wanting to feel the soft fur against his lips. It had been so long since they had a chance to lay a kiss upon another in this way. He couldn't see when the nude female lifted her head to see him. She was smiling and blushing, unable to hold in her giggle.

Avalon looked up with an exciting surprise. "My lady..." he said as his tail wagged behind him.

"Good, sir..." she said. Her smile was seductive and her eyes were opened in the most perfect, sexy way. "You've come to my rescue. I've been stuck in the castle for so long. There is a curse that binds me to my bed."

Avalon listened intently. He had so many questions, but they fled him when all he wanted to do was listen to her. The wolf couldn't help to have other things in mind with a temptress laying out on a bed like this. It was too inviting for his mind not to wonder. If he could only lay his paws on her ample breast, curve them around and feel what she had to offer behind her, and take her lips and quench the thirst in his own mouth.

"Please, sir, tell me you have come to save me," she said as her eyes looked so desperate. The desperation tugged at the core of the brave knight. He wanted to sound a whine. He felt almost weak and helpless to such a feline. Without another word, he nodded a yes.

"Yes, ma'am. I will do what I can... what is the key to this curse that holds you here?" He still held on to her paw, his thumb caressing over it.

With her other paw she pointed into the corner of the room, not but a few stepping strides away. "That is the key," she said. Avalon looked back and saw a book on an old, stone pedestal. "Read from it, the page that is marked, and I will be free... and in your debt.." Her final statement had a tempting bite to it by the way she made it sound.

"Yes, I will free you, my lady." With another kiss on her paw that Avalon ached for, he stepped up, being sure to turn so she couldn't see the thoughts he had played with brought out a beast in him. Stepping confidently to the book, he blew away the dust from the cover. There was no title, just old leather. A ribbon marked the page he suspected would be the one he would read from. Turning to it, he found hand written words they he couldn't understand.

Avalon was determined to free this woman. Oh, how determined he was... Not wanting the feline to hear him fumble, he spoke softly to himself. He did his best when he finished off the chant. He looked back and nothing happened. The young female looked at him with expectation.

He gave an embarrassed grin to her and turned back to try again. He concentrated and put more feeling into his speech. When he finished he looked back to the feline, who still layed there in waiting. "Heh..uh.. I've slipped in my reading... my fighting seems to have dulled my mind's strength," he excused himself before turning to try again.

Avalon almost lost patience, but took a breath to try again. He took his well-deserved time on each syllable. Then his gut had a good feeling about his progress. His determination drove every word perfectly home to his own instincts. Then the last word was spoken.

FLASH! A light erupted from the book and knocked him from the pedestal, down on to the cold stone floor. The world was flashing white in his eyes, and it spun out of control. He just wished it would slow down for a second.

"Fair knight, are you alright?" the feline said. She sounded close as if she was kneeling beside him. He then felt a touch distantly through the heavy haze on his side. "You look unwell, did that book hurt you?" He rolled his head over to see her just as everything started to clear.

"I... I am not sure... I feel fine I guess," he said as she helped him to his unsteady feet. "I have this funny feeling..." Everything still wasn't clear. He felt something deep, heavy in him. It was so strange and that blast still made him really dizzy. He lost his balance and the female helped him to the bed where he sat down. Paw on his head, he gave a shake of his head to clear it.

The feline sat beside him while holding his arm. "You were blasted by the book... I was not sure what to do.. I was so worried for you." She threw her arms around his neck and her body leaned on his.

Avalon gave an impressive look as his arm was there around her waist to hold her against him. He suddenly regained his senses, despite the hard, heavy feeling that still lingered. He felt slightly heated as he nuzzled her. "There, its okay...I'm fine," he whispered to her. He took a long drag of her scent while he was so close.

A growl slowly rose deep inside the wolf. With his free paw, he ran it across the growing tenting underneath his clothing. His eyes were closed and he couldn't hold back a half murr, half growl in his throat.

Avalon opened his eyes as he felt another paw against his. The damsel pulled away looking at him, her gaze mimicking his. "I am, after all, in your debt, brave knight..." He moaned softly, her paw began rubbing against the stiffening in his pants. The heat was more than he could take. He felt sweaty and wet. He breathed a hot breath against her neck as he nuzzled close to her when she stroked harder against his aching lust.

"My dear knight, you are so brave to save me..." Her voice was alive and rubbed like as if it was purring and rubbing its side against his open shaft. Then he looked down to see himself exposed and pantsless, not knowing how she did that without him noticing. The wolf bit his lip as she stroked him. She was skilled in deed! "How does it feel, my wolf?"

The knight moaned. "It feels.. hot....really hot..." It was hot. He didn't know why. It was freezing all the way here and this coupling shouldn't be that much of a temperature change. "Huh... It's really hot..." He felt wet all over. This hot and this wet, he'd usually be miserable; but he didn't want it to stop.

"Well, of course it's hot... your pussy is just drooling." The words didn't register right in Avalon's head.

"Huh?" He looked down and felt something rubbing and teasing lips down below. "What?" With shock, but not enough to pull away, he looked down to see the damsel caressing below his cock and balls. They looked like they had moved up on his body some, just significantly enough for their owner to notice.

"Don't be so upset, lover..." Her voice was still just as seductive, but it lost its high, innocent tone. "You're just how you should be..." Avalon wanted to be upset, angery...something; but all she felt was heat. She wanted to mate and be mated. "You can't even be mad... you just want to couple so badly. I can fix that, dear."

The wolf looked up when she left her side. She wanted to curse the damsel so much, to be mad... but all she could think about was what the feline had in mind to satisfy the itch. All she could do was whimper and lower her ears and wait to see.

The damsel, no longer in distress, came back. Avalon gave a shocked look at what she was staring at. The feline had leather ties wrapping to the center of her crotch where a black, marble phallus stuck out. The wolf wanted to be disgusted, but just thinking about the size of it and how it would fill her up pushed any disgust away.

"This should fix you up good..." She moved up and pushed Avalon's shoulder till she was laying on the bed. The wolf started to scoot away, not really wanting this. Or did she? She knew her new sex wanted this, but this isn't the fate she had in mind.

The feline maiden grinned and grabbed Avalon's ankle and pulled her down. Then she began crawling up the knight's body, her paws keeping the knight captive with every step closer until she was finally on top of the newly changed herm. Avalon's paws were being pinned down to the bed as the feline leaned down and licked her muzzle. "I'll break you in gently...You'll be saying, ‘Thank you, Lia' when I'm done..."

Avalon could easily resist and get away, but the hot, soaking feeling below wouldn't let him. She whined while Lia pushed the tip of her marble phallus up against the weeping lips of Avalon's new sex. She flinched when she felt its cold, lifeless tip. Then her head rolled as she gasped from the toy starting its journey into her slit. She was shivering and burning up inside like she never experienced before. There was an ache as her walls squeezed and tried to crush the stone hard instrument.

"Oooh!" the wolf knight moaned. The maiden was wagging her tail as she pressed in further and further, smiling at the effect she had on the wolf. Devastating pleasure overcame Avalon and made her moan louder. "M..more..." she whined. Lia answered with a powerful thrust that stopped half way in.

"AH!" The herm wolf cried out as she felt a wave of pain mix with the pleasure. She whimpered softly and felt a caressing paw sooth over the fur on his head.

"There, there...you're still a virgin. It comes with the territory when you're changed. It will hurt at first... I should know..." She just grinned as she pulled back, Avalon's lips sucking at the fleeting phallus wanting it to stay. The feline maiden grunted as she slammed in with a loud, wet thunk. "AHHhhh..." the wolf roared and bit down hard. She wasn't used to this new sensation, this feeling of raging heat being satisfied by a hard and powerful thrust.

The newly changed wolf whimpered softly, but felt a pleasant stuffed sensation. The large length was pressed to the hilt inside Avalon's sex. Lia didn't give the wolf-in-heat much time to recover as she began pumping her marble erection into the wolf mercilessly. She was smiling as she grabbed the wolf's sides and thrusted in and out.

All Avalon could do with his free paws was claw at the bed as he felt the waves of pleasure attack him, leaving him helpless and open for more and more. It just didn't stop; it just kept building and building. The fiery sensation just kept getting bigger and bigger. Her claws dug into the bed, her pussy beginning to feel something ready to explode.

"Oh!..AHHH!" She roared out and bucked her hips up, lifting the maiden as she squealed and grasped the wolf's hips to hold on. Avalon's orgasm erupted so hard, her vision went white for a little bit. She felt as if her walls would crush the marble inside of her. Her teeth were clenched hard and growls thundered next to her loud moans of ecstasy.

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PostSubject: Re: Head Strong, Not Sure(Mature)   Tue Dec 09, 2008 8:58 pm

Just when she was ready for her orgasm to never end, it stopped. She opened her eyes and looked up at her lover, panting heavily. The hot waves of wet fluids inside her made her clamping walls slick and slide around the shaft, creating more moans and heat that filled the wolf. Avalon whimpered and bucked her hips again, finding herself becoming addicted to being fucked by this large, marble toy.

"Aww," Lia said, the tone condescending. "You want more..." The wolf nodded with a pitiful and addicted expression. Just the look on Avalon's face made Lia hot. "You're turning out to be a real slut," she said as her hips began thrusting into the wolf.

Avalon could only respond to the humiliating remark with a heavy blush, her loud moan only helped humiliate her more. Her body didn't help either as it bucked up against each of Lia's deep thrusts. She could swear it was getting deeper and wanted it. Her claws grabbed the feline's sides and she humped back with her might warrior's strength.

Lia gave a surprised sound and smiled at the cock hungry mutt underneath her. Suddenly, the mutt was above her.

Avalon grabbed at Lia and rolled on top and began riding the marble tool inside so deep, she felt that heat and pressure building up higher than last time and it made her cry out in pleasure just thinking about an orgasm better than the first. It drove her hips with renewed strength to reach that peak. It was the only thing that mattered to Avalon, more than her life or anything. She wanted to cum again, bigger and better than before.

That feeling of ecstasy never relented with every quaking fall her pussy made over the stiff standing erection. Lia was laying back grinning, her paw was reaching down and stirring her clit. She gave a loud, deep purr as she watched her wolf bitch ride her marble cock. "My little slut can't get enough cock, can she?" she asked. She could very easily get off on this.

"Ooo..YES!" Avalon answered, shamelessly. She could feel her balls jumping and slapping down on the feline's pleasing paw. "AHH!" The wolf roared out and closed her eyes. She reached down and began stroking her hard shaft. So much pleasure, she completely forgot about the aching shaft. There was plenty of pre all over it.

Avalon drooled as she felt the waves pulse twice as hard and fast. She pawed herself furiously as her hips grinded her roughly down on the marble shaft. "Ooh FUCK!" It was so close, she just a need thrust that cock a little deeper.

"Cum, my little bitch....cum like a good slut..." Her words stabbed at what used to be Avalon's pride and what should have hurt it, only made scream out for pleasure.

"YES!" She slammed himself down on the cock as her cock erupted with a large strand of wolf seed that slapped down on the feline's body. Her pussy felt like it let out a waterfall. Her juices shot down and drenched the whole marble cock and leather holding around it.

Avalon collapsed forward on top of Lia. The bed bounced the two softly. Both of them breathed hard and fast. Lia took her paw away from her clit and draped it over the wolf on top of her. She smiled contently at the wet feeling of her climax covering the whole inside of her customized leather thong.

"H..." Avalon started. "H.how do I get..back to normal..." He panted as he tried resting on top of her. Did she want to go back? Yes, she..he was a guy... not.. not this....she-.. he wanted to go back to normal. "I want to go back to normal."

Lia smiled as her paws made soothing caresses over the knight's furry body. "You do?" she asked.

Avalon nodded. "Yes," he said.

"Mmm...well, if you really want to.. I only tried to give you something special, my whore." Avalon pushed away, using the last of his strength. He was surprised to find he could stand as he backed away from the bed.

"I'm not your whore, or your slut!" He growled at her. She only smiled.

"That there says differently," she pointed at the dripping sex between his legs, beneath the dripping, limp cock that was slowly sliding back into his sheath. The wolf's ears fell against his head and his tail and paw covered up his private area. It only brought Lia to giggling at the shy wolf.

Her laughter only made Avalon growl with more anger. He was able to be angry, but thoughts of more and more pleasure still consumed his wondering mind.

"Tell me, wench... I must turn back to normal! You owe me... I tried to be noble... I deserve my wish to be normal again." He almost pleaded her. Her laughing slowly died away.

"Awww..." She gave a sigh before continuing. "There's a lake close by... there is your hope to be normal again. It's there for brave knights like you who don't want the gift I give them for their nobility. If you can't appreciate it, then you can be rid of it at the lake that way." She pointed out the window across from her.

Avalon anxiously ran to the window and looked out. He could just barely see a body of water lying within a just a small distance from the forest edge next to the castle. He felt something prodding his rear and turned with an accusing glare.

Lia had her foot paw stretched out and playing with him and suddenly looked up innocently.

"I will go and be rid of this... and I will be off. My mission is complete." He began marching and suddenly took a glance around for his pants.

"You bet it is," the feline said with more giggles. Avalon looked back to the bed and she had his pants in her paws. Growling, he stomped up to her and grabbed them from her.

Avalon made his way down the stairs and put his pants back on. The castle was still close to freezing in temperature. His newly changed body kept him warm with a constant buzz of lust. Shaking his head, the desire in him still prodded at the idea of going back up there and never leaving.

With renewed concentration towards his task, he marched out the castle and jogged to the forest. He tried to keep his thoughts away from the maiden up stairs and focused to that lake ahead of him. The wolf knight weaved through the trees until he made it to the clearing. A whisper suddenly sounded through his head.

Must be naked...

"W..what?" he asked softly. His head was feeling dizzy. "Must..." he began to mumble.

Naked. Must take off clothes...

"Must...take off clothes..." he said in a sudden stupor. His paws began removing his pants. Suddenly, his expression went to a strained concentration when his thumbs were at the waist band. "N..what is this? Damn! Some...Errh...s.spell.." He was trying to fight, but the whisper was back to swoop his hard effort away.

No fighting... relaxing...relaxing to give in...easy...easier to give.

His eyes showed a desperate fight, but they most of all showed that he was losing. His paws were pulling his pants down.

Feels good...just give...relaxing and nice to submit. No more thoughts...just float in nothing...easy to let go...just let go...let go.

Then his eyes began to hood and lost all their fight. His pants were on the ground as he stepped out of them. The wolf was approaching the lake while he took his shirt off. Avalon mindlessly approached the lake in the nude.

Kneeling down on all fours, he began lapping at the cool water. The lake wasn't doing anything to his body. The newly adopted sex that hung openly with his body bent down was still there. His pouting lips remained.

Just when the wolf was discovering this disappointing truth, he heard something swimming through the water. The wolf looked up and saw nothing, but swore there was something swimming around. It was fish obviously. He lifted his head in anger as he growled. "That stupid bitch!" he yelled. "She lied...I'm still..." His growl turned into an irritated groan as his paw stroked his sex lips. They were aching being exposed to the open air. Being naked out in the open was giving him a hot thrill that he was hating himself for loving so much.

Before he could stand up, something shot out of the water and grabbed him. A blue tendril, like of a sea monster, moved to wrap around his waist. He growled out of anger, fear not registered at this moment. His paw grabbed at his side where his sword would have been at the ready if he didn't forget that he was naked. Then at the moment a little fear seeped in.

He slowly, not moving in case it would frighten the creature to act, turned and watched the blue tentacle. It finished wrapping around his waist.

"AHH!" Avalon screamed as he was pulled and lifted into the air. His body was drug above the middle of the lake. The wolf clawed at the freakish thing. His claws only slipped at the slick skin. He felt suction cups were the only thing keeping him in its grasp. Then he went still.

In horror, he watched as something just as blue, but bigger, so much bigger, began to rise to the surface. The water cascaded away as a beast of blue showed itself. It looked like the bottom of a squid. It had a flat center the wolf could stand on if he possessed such bold courage. Just below where he could stand was a slit, obviously the sex of the beast and then on the top was a large suction-like hole. All over its sides were more long tentacles. He didn't exactly want to count, but a gambling man would say a dozen. Eleven were free to wave back and forth in their freedom, menacing and unpredictable.

Avalon beat and clawed at the captivating tentacle with out right desperation. He whimpered as he tried to look angry, but was just too scared. Then the other tentacles acted. Two grabbed his wrists and pulled them to the small of his back. Still he struggled. His body thrashed, his legs kicked with so much effort. If he wasn't so scared, he would start feeling tired as he used so much energy in his attempt to escape.

Then his legs were grabbed with iron like force and kept still. Now he couldn't move anything but his head.

"Oh..noooo..." he whined. The wolf began moving. The tentacles began dragging him to the center. They stopped and his body hovered above the flat surface. He heard a loud, wet sound. Like something being drug through a tight, slimy passage way. He looked around, determined to avoid being caught off guard. He finally looked down, between his legs. The back area of the creature, there was a sight that made his eyes widen in horror and awe.

There, coming out of the slit of the creature, was a large light blue phallus. He couldn't see the whole thing. His eyes were not able to detail that it was foot and half tall, three inches thick at the center. It stretched to four at the base. The wolf couldn't even tell that the tip of its head was a dull, round spade-like shape.

Avalon let out a yelp as he felt movement. Then he let out a loud groan of pleasure. "AHoooooo...." His body was pulled back, his pussy lips giving the large shaft a hot, heavy ‘kiss'. It was incredibly warm and wet. He felt some its slime like fluid press inside him and it burned horribly. It was almost painful. It burned an arousing heat into him. Even his own shaft stood out hard from the intense heat coursing through his pussy.

The tentacles began rubbing him up and down the hard length. He couldn't hold back the moans that began flooding out of him. His pussy leaked its juices heavily and mixed with the creature's slimy fluid. Then he felt a tentacle wrap around his shaft and generously stroked him.

His muzzle opened wide as both pleasured poured into him and overwhelmed him. "AHhhhhh OOohhh...." His hips tried bucking and his head shook. Avalon's face was twisted with strained pleasure. His tongue hung out as he panted and moaned.

All of the sudden he growled and twisted to try and get away. He screamed... to force the moans out of him. "NO!..." he said defiantly. Opening his closed eyes, he saw that hole at the ‘top' of the creature open a little. Then his face stared dumbly at it. "Ah!-"...

His scream was cut off by a red tendril that shot out of the whole and wrapped around his muzzle. "Mm! Hmphf!!" Then he was slowly dragged forward. His hot sex lost its comfortable touch with the creature's member and caused the wolf to let out a hard whimper. Now his pussy was aching and dripping heavily without a warm, hot shaft pressed against it.
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PostSubject: Re: Head Strong, Not Sure(Mature)   Tue Dec 09, 2008 8:59 pm

Avalon watched as the red tendril began dragging his muzzled towards the hole. Then his nose sniffed a heavy, heated scent. It was so hot it made his mind become fuzzy. His eyes hooded and then he lost track of everything.

The wolf nose soon poked into the hole and the tendril drug the wolf's muzzle into it. The passage opened easily to accommodate him. Then his head was engulfed by the monster's hole. The ‘mouth' clamped around his neck and kept him inside.

Avalon's head was inside the hottest, smelliest place he had ever been, and never wanted to leave. The sun shined through the skin, giving it a red glow. Fluids coated his head and it only took one lick of his lips. Then he was gone.

The wolf knight smiled with a dumb doggy grin as his tongue lapped at his prison and inhaled constant aphrodisiac into his body. His pussy lips were now swollen more than they have ever been, his cock throbbing more painfully than he could ever imagin. And all Avalon wanted was to be fucked.

As if reading his thoughts, the creature continued whatever it was doing. The wolf's body shifted, but his head never left the heavenly prison. The creature's shaft shifted until its huge tip was poking into Avalon's pussy lips. He let out a loud moan as he feasted and smelled inside the creature.

The spade tip made it easy to slide into the slick, wet sex. Avalon was crying out in pleasure with each wave of ecstasy flashing through his body. The tentacle was still stroking the pre covered wolf cock. Then it gave one thrust, one strong thrust.

"AHHH!!!" Avalon's throat was soar as he screamed in pure bliss. The creature had thrust almost all the way into him. With the thrust came the wolf. His cock was still spurting its seed all over the creature's surface and his pussy was crushing and gushing around that huge cock. His hips bucked wildly back against the shaft, wild being held by the tentacle.

Avalon made wild sounds that only made sense when he was getting fucked like he never could have imagined being fucked. The red tendril suddenly thrusted into his muzzle and he only moaned. Closing his eyes, he sucked eagerly and it felt like silencing a crying baby. His mouth finally had a purpose and helped balance the unholy amounts of sensations that came with the creature's attention.

That monstrous cock began thrusting and Avalon had to suck harder to keep the balance. It made a loud, wet sound as wolf juice and creature fluid mixed in heavy amounts. His body felt sweat matting his fur to his body and leaking down on to the monster.

It was only a short time before Avalon's orgasm was building close to peaking again. Being jacked by the tentacle and fucked so awesomely was more than he could take."MMMMMM!!!!!" He sucked as hard as his physical being would permit as his cock and pussy gave another gush, adding to the heavy amounts of sexual fluids.

The creature was never stopping. Its large shaft keeping its rhythm as pussy walls squeezed harder. Its tentacle stroked the still erect shaft. Avalon couldn't loose his hard on. He couldn't get tired, it felt too good. He'd fuck himself to death if he had to. He didn't want to stop, ever.

The tendril in his mouth squirted similar to orgasm and the wolf found himself sucking and swallowing at the same time. So anxious to keep that blissful balance, he sucked and swallowed extremely hard, causing him to swallow the tendril. He was so focused that he just sucked it down his throat and pleased the creature's tendril as best as he could.

Avalon was so caught in the pleasure, that he could barely feel the round notch at the cock's base every time it nearly hilted into his sex. He just gave a loud moan into the throated tendril. Suddenly, he felt the creature increase its pace rapidly. His eyes almost rolled up into his head and then screamed out against the tendril in his throat. His body bucked hard. His cock and pussy gave another flood of juices. The wolf's body stood stiff as the waves attacked him and struck his soul with bliss.

Then he screamed again. The monster slammed him down around that round, knot-like protrusion. His body instantly reached peak, ready to cum... he didn't know how many times. He couldn't even make a thought... his body was stuck in a pause of time after he was shoved down, his pussy pushed to take that large, round ball at the cock's base.

Avalon suddenly convulsed. Shiver is too lightly worded. His body broke out into an earthquake. That large ball began climbing...pushing up, deeper into Avalon's quivering pussy. It stretched his tunnel all the way up. Then it was pushing against his womb.

"MMMM-AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!" Avalon ripped his head free from his cage and screamed into open air. His eyes were wide and empty as they looked up to the sky. They saw nothing, all his senses were focused on that one giant wave of heat and ecstasy that was shot out of the creature cock and into his waiting womb. That large ball was leaked and then erupted out into his womb. His belly even grew out with the large object inside him.

Then came darkness... No afterglow, no peaceful sleep... The creature had pleasured the wolf to near death...Avalon's body had to shut down after such an event.

"Wakey, Wakey!" Avalon's eyes fluttered open slowly.

"W..." his voice slurred with drunken sleep. He was sitting, leaning against a comfortable and soft pile of something he couldn't tell.

"It took you three whole days to recover...That's the average..." It was the maiden's voice. It echoed, like he was in...some kind of dungeon. "Mmm, it's kicking..." It was kicking.

His eyes shot open as he felt something deep inside his stomach area. He looked down at his naked body and his belly...it was...huge. It looked about half a foot extended from its old, toned state.

"What?" he breathed fast. "What's going on?"

"Shhh...it's okay." Her paw began petting him and he suddenly felt relaxed. She was petting his stomach and his eyes closed and a smile began to play on his lips. "Yes, our little creature of the lake is very helpful in our mission. Even now, as I sooth the creature inside you, it makes your relaxed."

Avalon could barely tell what she was saying; all he knew was that he was relaxed and pretty happy about...whatever.

"You see, we have people that get mercenaries like you to come out here. All you good mercenaries can't resist saving a damsel in distress like me. Then you read the book and it gives you the tool you need." The wolf moaned out as he felt his pussy touched and cupped. "Mmm, so warm still... it will always be warm. Then you all want the same thing, to be normal." She gave a sigh. "So, I trick you and deliver you to my little baby out there. Then, you pass out and you come here. It used to be a dungeon, but now it's a breeding chamber for all you sluts."

Avalon opened his eyes to see. There were many other furs. They looked like men, but then if he looked closer he could see they all had a new set of lips below their male packages. There were so many and they all were either like him, against the wall and pregnant; or they were doing something together to satisfy that itch they shared with him. He still felt it, and it was wonderful.

"All you little girls get so caught up in the pleasure, you forget about your past lives and you pretty much fit into your purpose, which is to breed my army." He looked up to see her smug smile. "You probably can't even remember what you did before you came to this castle after you fucked my baby outside at the lake."

She was right...everything was a heavy blur. "So much pleasure, I don't blame you. So, you are here to stay. You might as well enjoy it. I come down frequently to check up on you girls, so...I'll see you later." She gave him a heavy kiss and left him to sit.

Avalon found himself free of any bonds and began to sit up. ‘Now's my chance,' he thought. Then a fox was in front of him. He also had a large belly like him. His pussy lips were dripping drops on to the stone floor from where he stood.

"New here?" he asked. The wolf nodded as he looked lost as he gazed at those pussy lips. "I see...you look ready to leave."

"I..." he forgot what he was about to say.

"Shhh...I haven't gotten any in so long..." the fox said softly, a slight seductive tinge to his voice. He moved and stepped over Avalon until his pussy was right in the wolf's face. He didn't need anymore initiative. He started to work and lapped heavily at the pussy. ‘I..' he thought. ‘I..I'll escape..later...mmmrrr....'

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Head Strong, Not Sure(Mature)
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