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 Some Things Just Stick(Mature)

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PostSubject: Some Things Just Stick(Mature)   Tue Dec 09, 2008 8:33 pm

A short for the Forum. Welcomes.

Summary:What happens when a raptor with a knack for chemicals has a strong attraction to a rabbit friend?

Mature content, must be 18 to read-
Hope you enjoy, just something I thought of and felt like doing.

Alex tossed the ball back to his friend Jeremy. The dark, grey furred rabbit grinned gently in the sunlight. He loved it up here at his friend's house. The ball was being tossed back and he ran, the wind fluttering through his red gym shorts and his white t-shirt. He caught it easily and through it back to his raptor friend with the sun shining to bring out the color in his emerald eyes.

When Jeremy caught the ball, he was careful of his claws to not pop the football. It was hard to do when he was constantly eyeing the male bunny with his dark colored gaze. He growled deeply as he watched his leg muscles work when he ran after to catch it. He made sure to give the throw enough arch so his friend couldn't see him starring at his figure and undressing him with his always seeing eyes.

The raptor spoke out loud and made a joke about one of their college classmates and Alex laughed as he looked up and had to move a little to be in position to catch the ball again. They always enjoyed making a good joke of their classmate. He threw it back to the raptor and settled his energy as he spoke up. "I feel like getting something to drink, you got anything?" Jeremy grinned, suppressing it from growing too wide.
"Yeah, hold on. I can fix it for you." The raptor lay down the ball on the ground as he ran up, his silver shorts flashing as they bounced. He took off his white shirt and let his smooth chest glint a little in the sun light.

Walking up the porch steps and going through the back doors of the house, they arrived in the beautiful kitchen. Alex couldn't get over how his friend got this place. He didn't know he bought it, just knew it was his and he owned it. Did his parents buy it? Jeremy didn't have that great a job to buy it himself.

As the reptile began pulling out things from the fridge, he spoke about his drink ‘idea'. "It's something I had messed around with in my chemistry class," he said. "I did it for an essay and got a full one hundred percent grade. The professor hardly ever gives a hundred percent perfection unless it really is perfect." Alex frowned a little.
"So, what does it do?" Jeremy finished bringing out the contents in his frigde and stood at the counter mixing it all into a glass.
"It's a really good energy drink. I know there's about a million different kinds, but this actually enhances some senses. I've already patented it. I have some offers for the recipe and got this house because of this mix right here." His claws were still working at the stirring and pouring of different concoctions.

Alex was impressed as his ears raised up. He wanted to taste this, trusting his friend. It certainly explained this luxurious palace of a home. They were even in the nice neighborhood. Neighbors were a good ways away, leaving them in the backyard in privacy. "That is how you have this house, huh?" asked Alex. Jeremy nodded as he smiled up at Alex. "It certainly is a really nice place. I love it."
"You could move in if you'd like?" Jeremy said. He didn't even stop to consider anything. He just found himself blurting it out. He passed the rabbit the mixed drink.

Alex took it in his paw as he looked around and really thoughtfully considered the offer. "That really sounds great, but I don't know. I like it with my folks. They really do a lot of good for me and they've taken care of me... I guess I kind of owe them a few years before I finish college and leave home for good, you know?" The reptile smiled and nodded.
"I understand, but the offer always stands if they pester you too much." You might take me up on it soon, thought Jeremy as he watched his friend drink from the glass.

Alex swallowed up half the large glass before he finally took his lips away. He gave a gasp of satisfaction while he looked at the glass in delight. "That's really great, I love it!" The bunny praised the drink and didn't stop to say another word before he finished the rest.

Jeremy only smiled and began mixing another. "I bet you don't feel thirsty anymore, huh?" He was quicker this time, almost finishing in seconds and having the next glass ready.

The rabbit shook his head. "No...I..I'm still feeling thirsty. I don't know, it's weird...I feel so nice and energized, but I still feel very thirsty." The raptor gave a perplexed look to Alex.

"Hmm, that's weird, maybe I need to add some more of this..." He put a little dab of one container in the drink and passed the new glass to Alex. The rabbit took it and began swallowing down. He stopped halfway to take a break and a breath. Then he tilted it back up to finish it. "Ahhh..." Alex said. "That really hit the spot. I still feel kind of funny. Do...do you think I can have some more?"

Even before Alex asked, Jeremy was finishing up filling the empty glass. He handed it to Alex. "Oohh..thanks..." His voice was a little droopy. He couldn't think of why he didn't notice Jeremy already was working on the drink. His mind felt so slow and the raptor was moving too fast.

When he finished the next glass, he was ready to ask for more, but then there was another glass there. It was halfway full. Jeremy knew this was the finishing blow to his drinks as he grinned. "Wow, Jeremy...you seem so on top of things. I don't think I can do a damn thing right now..."

"Yeah, you should just let me handle everything from here. Why don't you sit down on the couch?" Jeremy got up and began escorting the rabbit, who was drinking the last drop out of the glass. When he finished he nodded as he was lead into the living room.
"Yeah, I feel kind of sleepy..." Alex felt a comfy seat support his rear and he relaxed to lay across the sofa. "Why am I so sleepy?" His eyes were half closed as he lay on the sofa.

"Because you're tired, you did a lot of running outside." Alex nodded as he heard the raptor's words. That made a lot of sense, he was so right. The rabbit frowned a little and felt slightly uncomfortable as he felt really hot. It felt really good in his pants, like... He looked down to see his erection tenting his pants. "Oooh wow..." his voice was still soft and dreamy. "When did I get so hard?"

"Since you drank all that energy... you're so tired, there is nowhere else for that energy to go."

Jeremy was slipping a claw underneath those shorts; he grasped the shaft gently and began stroking. He could feel the foreskin and growled in lust to himself. His other claw was reaching under the white shirt and feeling that wonderful, silky fur. He wanted to take the bunny so bad. He'd been waiting so long for this.

"You're right, Jeremy..." The rabbit gave a sigh of approval.

"Of course...I'm always right. You know that." The rabbit nodded.

"Always right..."

"Now the only way to get that energy out is through me." The rabbit nodded again as his eyes were closed. Alex took in the wonderful feeling of his shaft being stroked.

"You're right, Jeremy..."

"Always right-"

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PostSubject: Re: Some Things Just Stick(Mature)   Tue Dec 09, 2008 8:33 pm

"Always right..." Jeremy grinned and pulled the shorts back so he could see the sex standing tall. He marveled at it. It was a wonderful length and width. He practically drooled over the perfect phallus. He couldn't wait as his mouth took it in and gave it a warm welcome.

Alex moaned out as his hips met the eager lips and tongue that assaulted his sensitive member. He felt like he was in a deep, sleepy heat. He wanted more warmth; he wanted to thrust in it. He wanted to feel the slick warmth of anything caress and massage his member. He needed to cum so badly.

Jeremy pulled away and grinned as he rubbed and massaged the swollen sac of his friend. "I bet you need to cum don't you, Alex?" The rabbit nodded as his hips humped against the teasing sensation as he gave a pitiful ‘mmhmm'. "This cock is beautiful and I will make it mine...you will be mine, forever." The rabbit didn't show any signs of disapproval, just a heavy sign of lust.

Jeremy began the stages of hypnotism. With his friend drugged up from the drink and horny from the other effects, he had no trouble taking him into the submissive mode. He began the counting. The rabbit counted down from a hundred. Jeremy could tell that it was working as with each number, the rabbit's cock throbbed in his grasp each time. He was at two and the reptile counted 98 throbs in his claw's grasp.

Once Alex hit zero, his hips jumped up as he felt pure sensation run through him. Jeremy calmed and soothed the rabbit as he went to pet his head. "Awaken and see and know your master."

When Alex opened his eyes, they were glassy and slightly vacant. It was everything that was beautiful in Jeremy's world. He never thought he could have been more attracted to Alex in his life until now. He had the bunny in the palm of his claw and now he was all his to command.

"Master..." Alex said before going up slowly to kiss Jeremy on the lips. The raptor shivered from the kiss.

"Yes, I am your Master. I have something I want you to do." He looked out the window. The sun was setting and he grinned at the sight. "I want you to put something I have for you on and go jogging."

Alex ran back up the stone path of Jeremy's house. He ran the whole half-mile block in the red speedo like garment. His member was bulging in the tight cloth and pushed down to point as his inner thigh. He was panting from the exertion and was smiling to see his master pleased with his performance.

Jeremy clapped his hands as the rabbit approached and then kneeled at his feet when he reached him. "Very good, slave... I watched your sexy ass run all around the neighbor hood and it was delightful. You look so good when you do it. I have always wanted to just watch you like that."

"Thank you, Master." He said looking up with a smile and the glassy eyes were filled with joy.

"Get inside, I need to take you now. I've never been so horny in my life."

"Of course, Master, what ever you desire of me." He got up and did as he was told. As soon as he walked through the door, he was pushed against the side wall and the door slammed shut. Jeremy pressed against his back, his shorts off already with his hard member pressing between the folds of Alex's ass cheeks. The rabbit moaned as he felt his own sex pressing against the fabric and the wall as well.

The reptile growled impatiently and pulled the speedo down and pushed in his member. Alex moaned out as he felt filled and slightly uncomfortable. He made no sounds of disapproval to please his Master. It was easier for him since Jeremy had pre coating his shaft the whole time he watched Alex run. The reptile bit down on the bunny's shoulder and began humping with no sign of hesitation or foreplay. His hips were bumping up behind his friend wildly.

Jeremy broke his biting to give a cry of pleasure. He was relentless with his assault. The pleasure was too good to hold back, even when he knew Alex had never done anything like this and Jeremy knew the rabbit was probably very uncomfortable. "Ohh, Alex," Jeremy moaned. "This is so good, it's more than I could have ever hoped for."

Alex panted from running and now being taken from behind so vigorously. The discomfort was heavy, but his member was still hard and he couldn't help but to enjoy the sensation of such an eager and horny beast behind him. Jeremy's attention and adoration mixed with the heavy scent of their sweat and heat, causing Alex to moan softly in lust. The bunny couldn't get over how much he was wanted.

Alex loved the attention his master gave him. He knew his tight anus was very pleasing to his master and the fact gave the rabbit even more pleasure. "Take me as you wish, Master," he said.

"Oh, Alex, I've been wanting this for so long. Oooh!" Jeremy's thrusts became even more frantic. Alex's body was being slammed against the wall he was resting on, knowing that his master's climax was approaching. He felt another hard slam, almost painful, hit him from behind and then a flood of warm sensations overcame his insides.

The rabbit trembled from the bizarre and delightful feeling. He gave a squeeze around his master's member and felt more pour inside him. The rabbit's face was full of bliss as he found himself enjoying the feeling more than anything he had ever experienced. His face, his half closed eyes, gave away his true feelings about the situation. He wanted this.

Alex was still in a heavy haze. It was as if the mist around him was the same foggy mist that clouded his very mind. He barely heard the running water of the shower pouring in the heat of the cleansing water. The one thing he felt the most were those delightful claws stroking his fur with the lathering soap. His master was tending to his sweating and messy body. It was bizarre because through all the confusion of the rapture of their lust, he noticed that his Master had an appreciation for his smell and musk, especially after much physical activity.

Alex melted suddenly out of his thoughts when he felt the claws now tending to the lower regions of his body. He couldn't contain his hardening shaft. He was surprised in the back of his mind to know that he was still horny. Still, he never had dealt with passions or pleasures such as these, and even more especially with a man. Thinking he wasn't attracted to men, Alex thought this kind of situation would never come to be.

Now he was here, enjoying and loving the time he was spending with his master. In his heart, his whole being, he couldn't leave this raptor. He would never dream of disobeying or upsetting his lover and superior.

Taking hold of the back of Jeremy's head, Alex slowly pulled his master to kiss his lips gently. They touched and held the warmth between them for a long moment. The intimacy of the moment gave them both renewed vigor and they both mimicked the one thought they shared as they deepened the kiss together.

The taste of one another made their paws and claws grasp out for the other more. They were hungry to be close and warm. They desired more and every step they took to satisfy they wanted more. The heat and passion grew and grew until they were growling and sucking each other's tongues down. Both of their eyes opened and even Jeremy's eyes looked as bewitched as Alex's had been since his reeducation from the raptor's drink.

Sliding down the slippery tile wall, they coupled more and more until Jeremy was back in his rightful place, inside his friend and lover Alex. The rabbit was laying on his back of the tile, his back fur soaked with constant hot, running water. The raptor humped inside as they kept sucking each other down deeper into sex crazed lust.

Alex grunted slightly, but found he had slightly grown a little used to the intrusion and the water made his master slicker. His small spade tail wagged a little in delight of that fact. He was happy he could get used to pleasing his master and felt hope that further on he would enjoy the pleasure even more than he was now. He was unable to think about the future at the moment. He broke their powerful kissing with cries of pleasure.

The rabbit could feel those claws grasping his hips so possessively. It gave him comfort despite they had slightly started to dig a little under his matted fur. His hips began bouncing to meet his master's thrust. The shaft inside him said that he was just as crazy with lust as he was. He reached his paw down and began pawing himself off, thinking Mmster would understand that he was also hungering for relief.

Jeremy gave a loud growl during his constant thrusts. As he watched the paw only stop, he gave a warning growl and it finally was removed from his slave's shaft. Leaning over and licked Alex across the cheek. "That's a good boy," he said, his voice was heavy with lust and rushed from his constant humping. "You will be rewarded after you have served me well." He moaned out as he humped even faster.

Alex nodded as he arched back, his long member bouncing in the air. The heating mist of the shower teased his lonesome cock. It was waiting and eager for more of that warm comfort to surround it. His thoughts of his selfish desire were interrupted when he felt his master slam into him. Alex knew those were the sings of his master's release approaching. Now he only wanted to be filled with cum.

"Cum, Master... please... fill me up good," Alex found himself crying out. "I need it to fill me so badly, please give it to me."

"YES!" Jeremy grunted hard as his hips slammed their hardest and his cock throbbed deep inside Alex. His climax shook him and drained his starving lust from him and filled the pleasuring hole he was inside. "Ahhhh.. yes, Alex..." Jeremy panted as he relaxed on top of the bunny and felt his slave embrace his slack body. "Ohh, my slave... you are so good to your Master. I will be rewarding you now."

Alex was very comfortable with his Master on top of him and inside him, filling him with the leaking fluids of his climax. He heard his master's praise and felt delighted he could be a good slave. Being a good slave felt good, felt like everything he wanted. It was all he wanted, to be good and please Master.
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PostSubject: Re: Some Things Just Stick(Mature)   Tue Dec 09, 2008 8:39 pm

Alex was smiling as he lay down and relaxed on Jeremy's bed like he was told. The soft, red silk of the sheets was soothing to his naked body. He was smiling at his master, who was approaching just as naked. The raptor's member hung limp, but thick between his legs. "Is my slave ready for his reward?" Jeremy asked. The rabbit grinned, and his shaft showed its excitement as well. It stood at full erection, denied orgasm twice so far.

The reptile approached the bed and climbed up into a crawl and slithering up towards his slave. A gentle claw caressed teasingly up from Alex's furry tummy all the way up to his chest where the palm laid down flat and began rubbing circle. Alex closed his eyes and gave an ‘mmm' of pleasure and basked in the feelings. The other claw began rapping around the aching shaft and began stroking.

Pre already leaked out and it was used to lubricate. Shivers ran down Alex's back as the claw was now sliding oh so pleasantly up and down his member. Sounds escaped the bunny and Jeremy thought of how cute they sounded. Leaning down, he took the whole member into his mouth. His tongue slithered up and rubbed along the length.

Now Alex was controlling his hips to not buck up into that mouth and fuck it. Every second that passed, it was harder to control. He watched, his eyes lost in pure lust, as the raptor was moving his head as his mouth sucked down the warm meat. Jeremy was savoring the flavor, the heat, the texture of what he almost worshipped.

He figured that he was as much of a slave as Alex. The reptilian worshiped his friend's body, showed his adoration for this wonderful organ protruding in his mouth. Letting his mouth water, he lubed it up well and sucked down the taste. He couldn't hold back a moan while he worked.

Feeling a paw on his head, Jeremy looked up to see his rabbit slave's eyes clenched as tight as his teeth were. It was a wonderful sight, a pure show of bliss and an obvious hunger of need. Jeremy applied his efforts faster and greater than before. Just as Jeremy had hoped, Alex clawed at the raptor's head and the sheets beside him. Jeremy smirked despite his mouth full.

The raptor finally pulled away, leaving Alex gasping and begging for breath. His claw cupped the two fuzzy orbs below the thoroughly soaked shaft and began a soft and pleasuring juggle in his palm. "Now that you're nice and lubricated, I can reward you..." Alex could only guess what the ‘reward' could be. As Jeremy began straddling and positioning his rear above Alex's sex, the rabbit knew his guess was right.

Jeremy was watching behind him as his long tail stuck back out, he grasped a soft cheek on his rear end and pulled it to welcome his rabbit lover easier. Sliding down, he gritted his teeth as the fit was tight. The so much loved size came back to haunt him at the moment, but he still adored its length and girth as he pressed down even farther.

Sighs and moans were escaping Alex, who held back with everything to keep from humping up and displeasing his master. He just dug his fingers into the cushion of the bed and let his body shiver with pleasure. His shaft throbbed and begged for more of the warm, soft skin to engulf it further. The raptor finally hilted himself on Alex's lap. "Is my pet ready for his reward?"

Alex nodded furiously, wanting to cum over and over again. Jeremy was sliding up and pushing down, easy at first. Alex couldn't help but moan at the feeling of his master pleasing him, rewarding him for being so good. He was so good, he couldn't remember when having so much pleasure. He couldn't remember when he wanted to be so good, be so submissive. His head began to feel fuzzy and distorted as the raptor rode his shaft eagerly. The bunny put a paw to his head as he groaned between his gasps and cries of pleasure. He could feel something opening through the haze, something he remembered.

His eyes opened a little, confusion sparkling in them. Alex never recalled remembering things before. There was no need to remember when you were the perfect sex slave. That word made him groan and give another sharp cry of pleasure. Sex. He was enjoying it from his... master. That was also strange to Alex.

The world became clearer and clearer through the haze. Alex was starting to think again, knowing that thinking was something he had been missing out on for a while. Even though he was waking up as if from a dream, his face was contorted with pleasure. Everything still felt good, felt so perfect. The bonds on his mind that made him do everything Jeremy wanted him to do were soon loosened. He was now a free man, but still he arched his hips up into the raptor. He wished for more, for it to be endless and not stop.

"Is my pet enjoying himself?" Jeremy's voice was hastened by his efforts to please the shaft he rode. Alex could hear his voice now. Before he didn't hear it, but was one with that voice. He was now himself and could hear Jeremy speaking. The rabbit nodded.

"Yes, Master... I am enjoying myself oh so very much..." His voice gave no hint that he wasn't under the raptor's control. Alex thought, after hearing himself, he might still have been. But he knew better, everything was clear and his body felt much more bent to his own will. "Keep giving it to me, Master... Please, it feels so good..." His cock throbbed and was yielding to the approaching orgasm.

"Yes, my pet, you will enjoy your orgasm... Then we can rest for tomorrow together." Jeremy moaned as he moved harder. He could tell the rabbit was fast approaching the heavy feeling of the slick pre warmed his tailhole. "We can sleep..together...just as I always wanted." The words were as passionate as his efforts to please Alex. He was sweating he was riding so hard.

Alex caught that deep feeling in the words. He never knew, nor did he ever notice any of the sings. A whole new reality opened to him as he finally pieced things together with those meaningful words. The rabbit finally could see that there were signs before, and he never would have guessed. His friend really really liked him, maybe even loved-

Alex bucked as he moaned. The waves of pleasure flowed over him again and again. His hips were uncontrollable. His body was in complete motion as the overwhelming sensation possessed him. "OH MASTER!" That voice was true, he really believed Jeremy to be his Master at that moment.

Jeremy was sighing as he enjoyed the wonderful feeling of that warm wave coming inside him. Then there was another wave and he gave a surprised moan. Then another and his eyes bulged as he didn't anticipate Alex to be so full of passion. His rear was sitting in a warm puddle that collected on Alex's lap. The raptor fell forward and held his slave tenderly.

Licking Alex's furry cheek, Jeremy nuzzled close and closed his eyes. He rested his head on the rabbit's shoulder. "I can't wait for tomorrow...No sex...or at least not as much...Tomorrow, I get to do all those things I've always wanted to do with you." The raptor sighed heavily, his eyes opening slightly to stare in the distance. "I just wish....that you didn't have to be under my control to be mine, to be with me."

Alex only smiled as he looked at the back of the raptor's head. In his head he was thinking, should I tell him now? No, I'll wait.

The rabbit snuggled and nuzzled the raptor and murred. He didn't know why he called him master when he was free... ‘I guess, some things stick with you...'

K, there it is; tell me what you guys think. Comments really encourage me and help me act on the many different ideas I have. So bring on your opinions!

MORE STORIES HERE: http://www.yiffstar.com/user/theonehowl
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PostSubject: Re: Some Things Just Stick(Mature)   

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Some Things Just Stick(Mature)
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