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PostSubject: Loss_   Sat Nov 29, 2008 5:36 pm

Nightmare that kept recurring last night. Wrote it down to get it out of my head. Read and review and comment, if you are so kind!
There was so much blood…the Dark One’s hands were coated in it, to say nothing of the Bright One. Gods, no. This wasn’t supposed to happen. Not to her. Not now.

She watched the tiny aura flicker, struggling for several heartbeats, then fade into nothing. Panic and terror raced along her nerves, threatening. She numbly accepted the fact that she had just lost her cub…but Goddess bless, if the Other’s body couldn’t sustain the cub any longer…then it really was as bad as she thought. She banished the thought ruthlessly, focusing on her mate’s glassy eyes. She noticed distantly that her hand shook as she pet the russet hair. Once, it had been russet. Now, the crimson turned it into a whole new shade of red. She never wanted to see it this color, never again.

The Other whimpered, a noise that threatened what control she had. “Shh baby. It’s alright. I’ve gotcha. It’s gonna be alright, you hear me?” The Bright One shook, cold fingers clutching her own bloody ones. She swallowed hard, fear making it difficult. “Damnit, you listen to me puppy. You keep holding on. We’ve gotten through worse, we’re gonna get you through this too. Do you hear me?” She squeezed those freezing hands until her mate nodded, breath shallow and fast and noisy. The Dark One furrowed her brow as the world went blurry…blinking sent the tears spilling down her cheeks. “Don’t you dare let go.”

The Other lifted a hand, brushing clumsily at the wetness. “No crying. ‘Saight,” she slurred. She clenched her jaw, desperate and willing to give anything in this world to stop this terror. She froze, unwilling to accept it as she heard the Other’s chest rattle loosely as she exhaled. “Don’t you fucking dare let go. We’re gonna make it through this puppy. It’s gonna be alright.” She looked up as she felt a hand on her shoulder, and she started crying in earnest as she saw her old friend standing beside her. The being appeared as male this time, bottomless black eyes understanding and remorseful. His short-clipped black hair moved with the same wind that rustled his perfectly black suit, the same wind that she didn’t feel.

Resolve steeled her, burning away the panic and fear. “You’re not taking her.” He smiled sadly, shaking his head. “I won’t let you take her. Not tonight. Not now.” He took a step closer, reminding her with his eyes that it wasn’t her choice. “What right do you have to take her away from me? Fuck the rest of the world….she’s mine! What about that bullshit of happy ever after? No!”

She almost screamed that last bit at him, anger and worry convolving into a nameless emotion, one that steeled her spine and set loose the beast within. “You can walk away now, unharmed…or you can touch her, offer her that escape…and I’ll kill you. I’ll burn in all of hells for the rest of my life…don’t you dare touch her.” He smiled, and rested a hand on each of their shoulders, warmth easing into her cold limbs, brushing away the gray that was starting to color the Other’s fingers.

“You’re not taking her tonight.” Once more, he shook his head. And pointed to her. In that single heartbeat, she understood clearly and perfectly what he was implying. She cast her eyes back on the Bright One, the Other that lit up her life. And saw the pain that clouded those beautiful slate eyes, that shook and trembled her from. The Dark One looked back up at him, brown eyes cold and hard as she steeled herself. "She'll stay safe? No more 'accidents'?" He nodded once, emotions of hurt and guilt swirling around him. She swallowed hard before pressing a kiss to her mate's forehead, lingering a moment as she deeply inhaled the Other's scent one last time before placing her hand in his, heart heavy and full of sorrow as she followed him away.
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