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 The Man who Feared His Reward

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What happens next?
Will Ian be downstairs being questioned by guards about any strange visitors? Perhaps the gold will be a powerful incentive.
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Perhaps not.
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Will the visitor awake to find himself in the company of someone curious enough to check a door that was unlocked? Perhaps a sheep just bored and ever mischievous.
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Or Maybe a newcomer to the inn as well, with darker intentions on his mind?
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Or will he awaken to continue with his original plan, whatever that may be? He has held the thoughts of meeting the king for some time now, but for what meeting, training would be required?
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PostSubject: The Man who Feared His Reward   Tue Nov 25, 2008 11:18 pm

The Man Who Feared His Reward

They say a man should dress his part and play his tale, set apart from mismatched wings and tails, it’s easy to spot a squid. Every morning after beer…who’s there to write the words anymore?

“Surely this can not come cheap, here, I have coin somewhere…” I offered, digging clumsily through my bag.
“It’s no trouble at all. The rooms are usually only used for private moments or traveling nobles hoping for little scrutiny in their journies” replied Ian jolly-esque, waving a paw at the notion that he would mooch off the situations of others.
I waved my own paw in return over my back, “No no, I insist. It’s done me no good, any point of need I require comes through different means always”
“Means?” asked Ian slightly confused at my terminology. I grimaced, glad to have my back turned so as no need to waste energy feigning indifference, “Means I should never talk about-here we go!” I exclaimed, switched subjects smoothly as a nervous lark, pinching a bag at it’s red-string tied end and throwing it to Ian without a single glance at it’s contents, “That should be adequate.”
Ian hefted the bag, visibly uncomfortable with what he saw as far too much money, “This is more than adequate, you should hold onto some of this…just in case”
“If I cared for the money it should be all the more reason I would have you hold it. Consider the extra insurance, a deposit of good faith if you will for asking no more questions of a weary wanderer”
Ian pondered the gold-ladened bag for a moment, “If you wish…I will hold onto the gold for you, until such time you see fit”

I sighed, keeping my back turned as Ian finally left the room. The moment I heard the door click close with an oaken thud I winced ever so slightly, feeling the aches in my muscles I tore off my shirt, watching it flop to the floor wet and worn. Sighing once more, out of habit than anything else, I assumed a simple fighting pose and aimed at my sanguine foe. Invisible to the masses, only in my head, I began sparring, feeling pain wash over me as the hours slipped into night. The grumbles that called forth from a thoroughly empty stomach matched each punch in my shadow boxing time and as sweat quickly stemmed from already exhausted limbs, I smiled thinking, Tonight would be quick. I won’t stay awake for long tonight.

What happen’s next is your choice, though I have my idea, others have their own and so I ask: What do you think will happen? When he awakes?

This is a rather unique experiement I wish to try out.

What you have here is a very vague intro paragraph concerning a very vague someone. Th setting might be familar to some, but regardless the interesting is why it's so vague.

Because you, the reader, are going to decide where he is.

That's right, the choice is yours. At the end of the paragraph are three choices, two with dual branches for that choice.
Choice is important here, you'll notice that no species is given and that the gender can just barely be inferred. The choies made will affect who he becomes, species, personality and life.

In regards to his life beforehand, I will say only this; He has neglecting his own health for quite some time, pushing his body to the limits, I wonder why?
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The Man who Feared His Reward
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