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 RULES for General; Tame RP:

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PostSubject: RULES for General; Tame RP:   Sat Oct 25, 2008 8:22 pm

1. Proper grammar and spelling within your dialect is required. You can RP in AAVE, but it had better be actual AAVE. (For practical reasons, RP's must be in a dialect of English, Deutsch, Русский, Norsk, or 日本語.)

2. SPECIFICALLY STATE THE SETTING OF THE RP IN THE ORIGINAL POST. Yes. Which means Hosts MUST give a definitive description of the starting area of the RP.

3. Posts must be at least 50 words long.

4. You may not control another's character without their express permission for ANY reason.

5. No godding. You are NOT all powerful.

6. All roleplays will be closed after 4 weeks of inactivity. This helps keep the forums more organized and prevent necromancy.

7. All roleplaying, and discussion about the roleplay must commence within a SINGLE thread. This means that separate threads for "playing" and "planning" are not allowed. It is not necessary for these two parts of the RP be divorced, and it only serves to clutter up the forum.

8. You are limited to starting (hosting) one RP per month. Going over this limit will result in a warning, and a deletion of the topic. Exceptions will be granted if you PM a moderator with your RP's opening post. If the moderator deems it of high enough quality, you may be allowed to host another RP.

9. RP's must be kept within a PG-13 rating. (No gore or sex.).
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RULES for General; Tame RP:
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